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City Epoxy One Step

City Epoxy One Step is a 100% epoxy and marble cut chip flooring system which is troweled down in One Step creating a completely seamless, monolithic, lightweight, chemical and fire resistant floor. Originally designed for heavy usage and highly demanding environments such as the military (U.S Coast Guard and U.S. Navy ships) this flooring technology has been used widely by the U.S. Department of Defense since 1977.

Today, because of its benefits City Epoxy One Step is used widely in many industries such as hospitals, universities, schools, restaurants, commercial shipping and fishing industry, and many others. Having the benefit of adhering to many substrates City Epoxy One Step can eliminate costly downtime and cost associated with renovations and construction.

City Epoxy Quartz / Ceramic

City Epoxy Quartz/Ceramic is a flooring system that uses 100% epoxy resin along with a quartz/ceramic aggregate to create a seamless, durable floor that is utilized in restrooms, restaurants, locker rooms, pet shelters and more. These floors consist of layers of aggregate to create a long lasting, slip resistant floor.

City Epoxy Resin Rich Floor Coating

City Epoxy Resin Rich Floor Coating is a floor coating designed for application over concrete. These floors provide years of durability for homeowners, commercial and industrial customers. Decorative colored chips, flakes. or other design emblems can be added to these floor easily.

City Epoxy Sealers

  • City Epoxy Sealer 100% Epoxy Sealer
  • City Epoxy Urethane
  • Other Industrial Coating Available Upon Request

City Epoxy Resins

  • City Epoxy offers resin used for bar-top and tabletops.
  • Self -leveling floor resin used for 3d floors and metallic floors.

City Epoxy Exterior Coatings

City Epoxy offers exterior coating for many substrates. Our coatings provide years of durability.

City Epoxy Floor Care Products

Your floor is an investment in your business, home, or budget so why not take as much care as possible. City Epoxy suggests using certain products that will not harm your floors shine or durability.

City Epoxy Certification Program

City Epoxy offers a Manufacture Certification Program that certifies an individual through a 3- day course that demonstrates the technics and tools needed to install all 3 floors offered by City Epoxy. (One Step, Quartz/Ceramic, and Floor Coating) Upon receiving certification it would allow you to purchase City Epoxy Products and Tools and participate in our nationwide job pull. Since 2005 our installers have installed floors through- out the United States and aboard for major manufactures, U.S. Government, VA hospitals and 5 star restaurants. A certification could be part-time or full-time opportunity but with the Epoxy Industry growth it should be soon.