How This New Basement Epoxy Flooring Trend Could Affect You

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Basement flooring should be slip-resistant, durable, and easy to clean to ensure it does its job and lasts for a long time.

However, not all epoxy floors have the same advantages, as some are more impact-resistant than others. So it’s essential to make sure your needs match your flooring choice, style, and budget.

Also, when renovating your basement floors, it’s crucial to avoid ‘moisture’ which is considered the kryptonite for epoxy floors. It’s a conversation that regularly comes up when bidding for jobs and installing epoxy flooring. 

Therefore, if epoxy flooring gets installed correctly and there is no moisture collected, there will be no need to replace flooring if your basement gets flooded. However, if installed incorrectly, you will have to replace the floor if it floods, which will be costly.

So, it’s vital to do your diligence and hire a contracting company that knows the trade inside out and can install classy basement flooring that will last for years to come. 

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