Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Epoxy Floors

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Epoxy flooring is used in multiple areas of construction and renovation. Kitchen and bathroom floors benefit from the durability and non-slip qualities of epoxy flooring. In commercial applications, epoxy is valued for its ability to withstand wear-and-tear and long-lasting beauty.

An epoxy flooring contractor is an industry professional who, through training and experience, creates flawless, long-lasting, epoxy coated floors. 

Attempting DIY epoxy floor solutions is a bad idea as applying epoxy to floors is not as easy as Youtube videos make it seem. It should be remembered that even after taking all precautions and following instructions, epoxy flooring that is not applied correctly can be expensive if not impossible to fix. Hiring a professional epoxy flooring contractor would certainly nullify pitfalls and ensure your epoxy flooring looks extraordinary for years to come.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, City Epoxy LLC. has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when installing epoxy floors.

1. Not preparing floors before applying epoxy
Surface preparation is the most crucial phase of an epoxy flooring application. A simple process can turn into a challenging, lengthy repair if the surface is improperly prepared. A clean surface is essential in establishing a strong bond between the concrete and the coating. The concrete surface must be dust-free to ensure optimal performance and durability. Surface debris interferes with proper adhesion. 

2. Hiring someone who doesn’t know his epoxy products
Depending on the situation, epoxy flooring can require time-consuming and specific preparation of the surface and the knowledge and ability to troubleshoot should unforeseen issues come up. For example, in moisture-laden areas like basements and washrooms, knowledge of de-humidification procedures is critical to ensure proper lamination and an epoxy floor that lasts for generations. 

3. Not doing their homework on the type of epoxy that suits them best

There are multiple types of epoxy to fit every floor type and application. For example, self-leveling epoxy flooring is seamless and easy to put over old concrete floors, making them an excellent choice for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Terrazzo epoxy coating, on the other hand, is easy to clean and highly decorative, making it commonly used in hallways and entrances. Doing your homework on which epoxy flooring solution is best for your project is essential and should not be overlooked.

4. Not seeking a second opinion
It never hurts to shop around for a couple of quotes, estimations, or a second opinion. The advantage of a few estimates on your project is you can be sure you’re getting a fair price. More importantly, you can rest at ease. Knowing the advice the flooring contractor gave you, and subsequent actions are also justified and correct. A second opinion also offers you a better chance to use your best judgment and go with the right epoxy flooring service and solution that suits you. 

5. Not asking enough questions
Not all flooring companies are the same. Some companies use sub-standard products and make untrue statements. Asking questions and making sure the contractor explains what work he will perform and what products are an excellent way to negate these types of doubts. Not asking questions leaves you open to nefarious individuals who either don’t know what they are doing or plan to use low-quality products.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at City Epoxy LLC.. We have been installing premium epoxy flooring products throughout the U.S. on various substrates since 2005. Our mission is to provide the highest quality materials, experienced installers, and a floor that will last. We serve clients across Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, York, Hershey, Allentown, Williamsport, Edison, Pennsylvania, Towson, Elkton, Maryland. 

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